Rumor Control

There are some rumors about HamEXPO (Belton Hamfest) being spread on area HF nets that are not factual. The TARC Board would like to correct any incorrect information that is being passed around. The rumors we are being contacted about are:

  1. HamEXPO rates are being increased. This is false. We are not considering increasing any fees.
  2. HamEXPO will not allow anyone to tailgate in the parking lot. This is false. There has never been any discussion to disallow anyone from selling in the parking lot.
  3. Certain companies or persons are not welcome at Ham Expo. This is false. TARC and Ham Expo have never excluded anyone or asked anyone not to return.

If you are anyone you speak to have questions about HamEXPO we request they contact the TARC Board by email at We will be glad to answer any questions you have about HamEXPO. We will also return a call you if a phone number is provided.

Temple Amateur Radio Club Board